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The "Disruption Dilemma"


The rate of technological disruption has increased exponentially in recent years. Virtually, every industry expects shakeup over the next 5 years. The major cause of disruption is the rapid advancement of technology, which allows new business models to be introduced at an ever-increasing rate and with rapidly declining costs.


Over the last 50 years, the average lifespan of S&P 500 companies has shrunk from around 60 years to closer to 15 years and trending to 12 years. What this five-times compression of company lives means is that Digital Darwinism will come into play if a business does not move quickly and adopt innovative technologies and new business models.


Although many companies started Corporate Innovation Initiatives, many realized that it's no longer efficient to rely solely on internal groups to innovate, and are now sourcing solutions from the startup community. However, there are literally thousands of startups out there and filtering the signal from the noise can prove complicated.

How to filter the signal from the noise?

Enterprises are sourcing ideas and solutions from the startup community. However, there are literally more than 75,000 startups across 30+ innovation hubs worldwide.


Innovation Hubs


R&D Centers

56 B

Raised in VC capital in 2016

76577 +

Tech Startups

With tens of thousands of startups launching each year, how can you find the highest potential startups for your business to partner with, invest in or potentially acquire?

About Us

We are a sector-focused market intelligence and innovation boutique that sources, vets and invests in the most innovative and disruptive technologies for our partners and clients.


We make sense out of the complex world of emerging innovators, startups, universities, pinpointing the most relevant technologies and solutions with the greatest potential for our customers.


We connect promising innovators and forward-looking enterprise companies. Our startup partners get access to enterprise customers. Our customers benefit from innovative technologies to accelerate their business.


We drive the rapid transformation of opportunities into poweful business outcomes. By elevating nascent technology to enterprise scale, we raise the innovation output of the industry as a whole.

We are at the center of an incredible innovation ecosystem of entrepreneurial startups, corporations, investors and universities – all supported by a deep mentor network. And through our broad network, we’re uniquely positioned to identify the best emerging and disruptive technologies, determine where they can have the greatest impact, make the right connections and drive the transformation of opportunities into powerful business outcomes.

What we Offer - Corporations

Our team works closely with Large Corporations seeking to enhance their innovation programs and connect with emerging technologies and industry experts to help fuel their growth and accelerate innovation.

Ongoing Access to Innovation

The best startups and deals circulate in private networks. Through our broad network of angel investors, VC firms, accelerators, startups and universities, we can plug you into this deal flow and give you ongoing exposure and access to innovation.

Global Focus

While most of the deep tech startups are founded in Silicon Valley, there are several other innovation hubs all over the world. InovaConnectin finds interesting startups located all over the globe, including Israel, London, Latin America and Europe.

Find Top Startups

There are thousands and thousands of startups out there. How do you find the best ones for your organization? InnovaConnection helps you to cut through the hype and discover the startups that can help solve your company's biggest problems

New Perspectives

Get up to speed on new trends about your sector, markets, technologies in key innovation hubs and anticipate how disruptive innovations might change the landscape in which you currently operate

Turbocharge your Growth

Accelerate your time to market and discover new technologies that can drive growth and realize new revenue streams by injecting new ideas into your organization.

Invest Early

Possibility to invest and/or partner early with new disruptive startup & technologies, before your competitors discover them

What our customers say

"InnovaConnection has had a significant impact on our company's R&D Strategy, resulting in new development programs and startup investments. The team has a deep expertise of the retail sector and their scouting is precisely focused on our needs."

— General Manager from a Retail Company in Latin America

What we Offer - Startups

Our team works closely with the best startups to help them navigate the sales process in large companies and put their products in front of actual buyers.

Product Validation

Engage with real users from the top corporations, responsible for adopting new technology products, to test, refine and validate your product.

Generate Sales and Accelerate Traction

Shorten your sales cycle and accelerate your traction by putting your product in front of actual buyers from top corporations.

Break through the Noise

Get above the noise, reach customers quickly and establish a relationship with CIOs, CMOs and business leaders from selected corporations.

Zero Cost

No cost for participating startups who pass our vetting process. Our clients are the Enterprises.

Access to Domain Experts

Access to a team of mentors, advisors, researchers and investors with deep domain expertise in your market.


Access to a network of value-added investors with deep expertise in your market to finance your startup

Our Team

Our team has broad reach, comprising Partners, Domain Experts, Researchers, Business Leaders and more, with years of experience working with the most innovative companies all over the world.

Technology Insiders

Our partners are technology insiders as Business Executives, Entrepreneurs and Venture Capitalists who have been finding, investing and working with the most innovative companies and leading enterprises for the past 20 years.

Strong Connections

We have strong connections to technology leaders, investors and technology buyers and access to the most disruptive tech startups in Silicon Valley and Israel and to latest research from top-notch universities such as Stanford, UC Berkeley, MIT and CMU.

Domain Experts

We have deep domain knowledge and operating experience in our areas of focus, which enable us to add value and provide specific insights and domain knowledge expertise to accelerate the development and success of our customers.


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